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Visa's new Financial Football is a fast-paced, NFL-themed game, but it's also a learning tool. Make it a part of your classroom curriculum with these integral, engaging lesson modules. Each lesson module is structured as a comprehensive teaching tool for easy integration into your own classroom curriculum. Students of all ages learn key concepts about saving and spending, budgeting and the wise use of credit in preparation for game play. Select an age level of Rookie, Pro or Hall of Fame and download the modules.

Each one includes:


Each module begins with a narrative overview of the concepts to be taught. This short synopsis will give the educator and students a quick idea of the material to follow.

Teaching Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives briefly describe the expected learning outcomes of the module.

Teaching Notes

The Teaching Notes feature the primary material on which module concepts are based. Educators may use the teaching notes as-is or adapt them to their own teaching style.


In this section, students and educators practice applying learned concepts through the discussion of concrete examples.

Written Exercises

The section can be used as a group exercise or as an assessment of student learning. While taking a quiz, students answer several questions to test their knowledge of learned concepts.